About Us

MobiMartech is a multi tasking Portal service

Our Mission

Is to let your service or app to reach the whole world in our different ways.

Our Plan

We have hands in every country to reach our Goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is always high to see all the world from our perespictive sight.


Our Services

Mobile Payment

Choose one of our Mobile payment methods Coming Soon.

Mobile Content

We also have different kinds of services: Games, Videos and images to share with our subscribers you can check them here Mobile Content.

Digital Marketing

Whether you want to promote an app or any other Digital Service in a certain country or reach a global audience, we have a product to match your advertising needs Digital Marketing.

SMS Portal

Choose one or combine many of our authentication solutions to deliver password reset links, one-time PIN's Coming Soon.


Our Team

Najji El Attar


Hussein Haidar


Fady Zgheib

Data Manager

Ali HajjHussein

Development Manager

Contact Us

Feel free to contact US


Baalback, Ras Al Ain, 4555 Building, First Floor


+961 8 372703